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  • 青岛大白金酒业有限公司
  • 青岛大白金酒业有限公司
  • 青岛大白金酒业有限公司

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Our company have 200 sets of machining equipments, welding equipments and metal surface treatment equipments. We have been devoted to developing and researching new products for years, now we have successfully released about 100 varieties of products in six series. Each year, we produce 300,000 pieces all types of stainless steel beer keg, plastic beer keg and stainless steel chemical drum, and produce 2,000 sets of keg filling / cleaning machine and beer dispensers, to meet customer’s needs. Our products have been long-time used by hundreds of beer manufacturers of dozens of beer companies such as AB InBev, Tsingtao Beer, China Resources Snow Beer and Yanjing Beer. Our stainless steel container packages are firmly approved and supplied to dozens of domestic and foreign companies who produce high purity of electronics and Chemicals. 60% of our products have been exported to the countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Russia. Our company has passed Internation Quality System Authentication of ISO9001:2008, and also obtains Quality Certification of packing Containers for Dangerous Export Goods (namely UN certification). Our company has approved qualification to produce and export Packaging containers for dangerous goods.